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  • OBGYN Job FAQs


    How Much Do OBGYNs Make?

    OBGYNs earn an average salary of $337,000 per year, according to Medscape.

    Locum tenens neurologists earn between $125 and $200 an hour, depending on a variety of factors relating to the assignment, facility, and the experience of the OBGYN.


    What is the Job Outlook for OBGYNs in 2024?

    OBGYN employment is projected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow 3 percent from 2022 to 2032. This number is in line with the average projected growth for all occupations.

    The average salary for OBGYNs has increased 35 percent since 2015. In 2023, OBGYN salaries did not increase year-over-year, remaining at $337,000 a year.