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  • Chances are you have chosen the locum tenens career path because of its flexible nature. A key factor in a provider’s decision to go locum is often having the ability to travel around the country. One of the major things holding providers back is not having the appropriate state license.

    Each state has their own timeframe in which a new license can be issued. However, we’ll cover the easiest states to get a PA license, based on state licensing requirements and typical reported turnarounds.

    How To Get a Physician Assistant License In Another State

    PA programs and degrees are designed to fulfill the requirements of national certification, making it fairly easy to achieve a physician assistant license in a second state once you’ve already achieved the core certification and education requirements to become a PA.

    Additionally, most states offer PA-friendly processes for achieving temporary or permanent licensure. In the wake of COVID-19, many states loosened these restrictions even further and many of those programs still exist today.

    Each state has its own requirements for PA licensure. To get an idea of what different states require, here’s a chart of the requirements for some of the quickest states.

    What Are the Easiest States to Get a PA License

    Virginia, Montana, Maryland, Kansas, Iowa, Montana, and Utah are the 6 quickest states to get a PA license. A certified physician assistant can get a license in one of these states in less than 6 weeks. You can find the requirements for each state in the chart below.

    Chart of Easiest States to Get a PA license
    Chart of PA requirements for Utah, the Easiest State to Get a Physician Assistant License

    Physician Assistant License Requirements by State


    Supervisor approval goes into effect immediately upon submission to the board. Never been to Iowa before? Check out our open jobs and see what it has to offer!


    You’re not in Kansas anymore, but you could be. Click the heels of your red slippers and apply to one of our open jobs today!


    The provider seeking a license must submit a separate prescriptive authority application. Never been to Maryland before? Check out our open jobs and see what it has to offer!


    Want to get in touch with nature? Experience the stunning scenery of Montana through a locum tenens assignment! Check out our open jobs today!


    Virginia Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the country. Why not see it for yourself? Check out our open jobs in Virginia now!


    PA’s and physicians need to work at the same facility. The Board states it is a good practice to always be on site, but it is not listed in the statutes. The provider must have supervising physician approved before licensure. From scenic views to out-of-this-world skiing, Utah has a lot to offer. Check out our open jobs now and don’t forget your ski equipment!

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